My Learning Journey

Welcome to the 6th Gosport Training Hub

Welcome to #Team6th. Here you will find all your training needs to get you started on your learning journey to fulfilling your new role within Scouting.

To help you along the way there are many people who can, and will help you. 6th Gosport pride ourselves on our team spirit and you will always be welcome to chat and ask questions. However your 2 main points of contact are the groups training advisors. 

Nigel and Theresa have been at the group for a number of years and are always happy to help. You can find their profiles and their contact details below. 

Nigel Fleetwood

Training Advisor
(Managers & Supporters)

Theresa Craven

Training Advisor

In addition to the above, as a group we use social media, this is in the format of a closed Facebook group and also a WhatsApp group. You will be invited to join both of these when you join. These are both good places to ask for any help or assistance.

Remember we pride ourselves on our team ethos at 6th, so any questions feel free to ask you section leader, either of the Training Advisors or any of the social channels. You can always email the training email by clicking on the button below. 

First Steps


How do I get training signed off?